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You see, I TOTALLY devote my practice to CONSULTING in connection with high-level tax issues, both international and domestic. I DO NOT prepare tax returns, or provide any traditional accounting services. If such services are required, I assign them to other, more traditional, accounting firms with which I am affiliated. This means that my time and mental energies are free to be completely devoted to studying, thinking, and planning to help my clients save taxes and solve tax-related problems. Over the years, my "thinking outside the box" approach to tax planning, coupled with my detailed knowledge of Canadian tax laws, has saved my clients countless millions of dollars in taxes and also brought them peace of mind. As part of my "mission statement", I offer all clients the following six key commitments:



  • Total dedication to creative tax planning and problem solving
  • Maintaining the highest level of technical knowledge
  • Placing a very high priority on providing FAST response
  • Offering reasonable and flexible fee arrangements
  • Respecting client confidentiality and privacy
  • Handling all engagements PERSONALLY-no delegation to juniors!



I am especially able to advise on international tax matters. I am the author of the top Canadian book devoted to inbound international tax planning: Canadian Taxation of Non-Residents, which is now in its 4th Edition. If someone wants to become a Canadian non-resident, I am their man!



Until 1991, I was the Partner in charge of the tax practice of a major Toronto-based accounting firm (now called Crowe Soberman LLP). In that year, I formed my own tax consulting "boutique" firm. I advise accounting and law firms, as well as all types of individuals and corporations.


Hundreds of accountants and lawyers have come to me for tax advice since 1991-that should say a lot about my expertise and creativity!


Whether my clients are in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bermuda, London, Zurich, or anywhere else, I can help them! I can advise them in person, or via email, phone, or Skype.


I am always happy to welcome new clients, big or small, whether they are individuals, corporations, accountants or lawyers. I am also happy to look at any tax problem that a potential client has in order to determine if I can help-there is no fee or obligation.



My fees are always reasonable and tailored to the specifics of the situation. They can be based on time spent at an hourly rate; a fixed, pre-determined amount; or contingent on results.




E-Mail: matlas@TaxCA.com

Phone (Office): 416.860.9175

Mobile: 416.949.7111

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