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Michael Atlas never accepts a client unless he believes that he can give them far more in value than the fee he needs to charge them. This value can be in the form of tax savings, peace of mind, or an ability to undertake certain actions. Since 1991, he has spearheaded a unique high-level tax consulting "boutique" in Toronto. His efforts have SAVED HIS CLIENTS COUNTLESS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN TAXES. It has also made him one of the most sought after independent tax advisors in Canada. He concentrates his creative consulting efforts particularly in connection with the following areas:



  • Inbound international tax (including immigration; non-resident investments)
  • Outbound international tax (including Canadians becoming non-residents; offshore trusts; using tax treaties and tax havens)
  • High level corporate (reorganizations; M&A)
  • Estate planning
  • Estates & trusts
  • Real estate



Michael Atlas is especially able to advise clients on INTERNATIONAL tax matters, both inbound and outbound. He is the author of the top Canadian book devoted to inbound international tax planning: Canadian Taxation of Non-Residents, which is now in its 4th Edition. He has also written dozens of articles and professional papers dealing with high-level international tax issues; spoken and presented papers at many conferences and seminars dealing with international tax topics; and, in recent years, participated in many "webinars" dealing with international tax matters.



Michael Atlas has been a pioneer in providing tax consulting services REMOTELY. Whether his clients are in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bermuda, London, Zurich, or anywhere else, Michael Atlas can help them. They NEVER have to take the time to visit him in his office. He can quickly, efficiently and confidentially advise them via email, phone, or Skype in the same way that he could if they were sitting across from him in his downtown Toronto office. He advises Canadians in all parts of Canada, and non-residents in all parts of the world.


Michael Atlas only provides tax CONSULTING services-no tax return preparation, accounting, or auditing. FOCUS and dedication have been the keys to his success!


The core of his practice is the hundreds of Canadian accountants and lawyers who have come to him for tax advice since 1991.


However, he will also advise other select clients, including foreign accounting or law firms; very high net worth individuals; established and successful private corporations; and financial institutions.






E-Mail: matlas@TaxCA.com

Phone (Office): 416.860.9175

Mobile: 416.949.7111

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