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Michael Atlas operates a totally unique tax consulting practice in Toronto. Unlike a traditional accountant, he does not provide accounting or tax return preparation services. Instead, he devotes his practice to consulting in connection with high-level tax issues, that ordinary accountants cannot handle, such as:



  • Inbound international tax planning
  • Outbound international tax planning
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Estate planning
  • Complex real estate



In this regard, he is widely-regarded as being one of the very few Canadian tax practitioners, outside of the huge accounting and law firms, who is an expert on high-level international tax matters and planning. He is the author of the top book on Canadian inbound international tax issues, Canadian Taxation of Non-Residents, which is now in its 4th Edition.



Until 1991, he was the Partner in charge of the tax practice of a major Toronto-based accounting firm (now called Crowe Soberman LLP). In that year, he formed his own tax consulting "boutique" firm.


Since that time, he has developed a busy practice consisting mainly of accounting and law firms that look to him for advice whenever they have a high-level Canadian tax issue for a client.


He also provides direct consulting services to individuals and corporations who have high-level Canadian tax issues-big or small.


In all cases, his first priority is always to use creative planning to legally minimize his clients' worldwide tax liability. Over the years, his "thinking outside the box" approach to tax planning, coupled with his detailed and masterly knowledge of Canadian tax laws, has saved his clients hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes.



His services can be provided to clients worldwide via email, phone, Skype, or in person. NEW CLIENTS, BIG OR SMALL, ARE WELCOME-FAST RESPONSE is always a top priority!




E-Mail: matlas@TaxCA.com

Phone (Office): 416.860.9175

Mobile: 416.949.7111

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