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For over 40 years, Michael Atlas' career has been dedicated to high-level and creative tax consulting! He is a Chartered Professional Accountant who operates in a way that is totally different from any other high-level tax advisor in Canada. He devotes all of his time and energies to creative tax consulting-no tax return preparation or accounting. He is not part of an organization with the customary bureaucratic constraints, and therefore he is able to respond to challenges much more quickly and creatively. He handles all engagements PERSONALLY-there is no delegation to (often incompetent) juniors. He is not afraid to take unorthodox approaches and practice disruptive thinking. He, like Donald Trump, just loves to be "politically incorrect"! First and foremost, he always views his primary responsibility as being to find ways to legally reduce the tax obligations of his clients. Unlike most high-level tax advisors, who tend to be quite conservative in order to minimize risk to themselves, he is BOLD & CREATIVE, and always puts the clients' interest in minimizing taxes first! He concentrates particularly on the following areas:



  • Inbound international tax
  • Outbound international tax
  • Estate planning
  • Post-mortem planning
  • High-level corporate tax planning, including reorganizations
  • Big money real estate tax issues



He is widely considered to be one of the very few Canadian tax practitioners, outside of the very big accounting and law firms, who is an expert on high-level INTERNATIONAL tax planning. He is especially interested in NON-RESIDENT tax issues, and is the author of the leading book on the subject, Canadian Taxation of Non-Residents. This book, which is published by CCH Canadian Ltd. and in its 4th Edition, is regularly used as a reference by accountants and lawyers in all parts of Canada.



The core of his practice is the consulting services that he has regularly provided to hundreds of accounting and law firms in all parts of Ontario, and their clients, since he first formed his tax consulting "boutique" in 1991. However, Michael Atlas can also provide his creative advice to select private clients (personal or corporate) ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD who have challenging Canadian tax issues involving BIG MONEY.


Canadian accountants or lawyers, as well as potential private clients with Canadian tax issues involving BIG MONEY are welcome to contact him for further information.






E-Mail: matlas@TaxCA.com

Phone (Office): 416.860.9175

Mobile (After-hours): 416.949.7111

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