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Michael Atlas TOTALLY devotes his practice to FIGHTING HARD to save taxes for his clients in connection with high-level tax issues, both international and domestic. Firstly, he FIGHTS HARD by using all of his creative energies and technical knowledge to find solutions to complex tax problems. Secondly, he FIGHTS HARD with the Canada Revenue Agency and other taxing authorities on behalf of his clients to make sure that those agencies do not get away with extracting any more in taxes from his clients than they are legally allowed. Thirdly, he FIGHTS HARD with other professional advisors, such as lawyers at big firms, who will often try to needlessly put obstacles in the way of saving taxes for his clients by being too conservative or unimaginative. He FIGHTS HARD for Canadians in all parts of Canada, and non-residents in all parts of the world. He focuses his HARD FIGHTING efforts particularly in the following arenas:



  • Inbound international tax (including immigration; non-resident investments)
  • Outbound international tax (including Canadians becoming non-residents; offshore trusts; using tax treaties and tax havens)
  • High level corporate (reorganizations; M&A)
  • Estate planning
  • Estates & trusts
  • Real estate



This website is particularly dedicated to people all over the world who are searching for a high-level, Canadian-based tax advisor to FIGHT HARD for them. Nowadays, people find all sorts of services by online searches, rather than personal contact or referral. This site is particularly positioned to fill that need! Michael Atlas is especially able to FIGHT HARD for clients on international tax matters, both inbound and outbound. He is the author of the top Canadian book devoted to inbound international tax planning: Canadian Taxation of Non-Residents, which is now in its 4th Edition.



Whether his clients are in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bermuda, London, Zurich, or anywhere else, Michael Atlas can FIGHT HARD for them! He can advise them via email, phone, or Skype in the same way that he could if they were sitting across from him in his downtown Toronto office!


Until 1991, Michael Atlas was the Partner in charge of the tax practice of a major Toronto-based accounting firm (now called Crowe Soberman LLP). In that year, he formed his own tax consulting "boutique" firm.


The core of his practice is the hundreds of accountants and lawyers who have come to him for tax advice since 1991-they know that he always FIGHTS HARD to save their clients taxes!


The fact that he always FIGHTS HARD to save taxes for his clients has saved them countless millions of dollars over the years. It has also made him one of the most sought after tax advisers in Canada!






E-Mail: matlas@TaxCA.com

Phone (Office): 416.860.9175

Mobile: 416.949.7111

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