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Do you have an international tax issue related to Canada? For example, are you:



  • A CANADIAN LOOKING TO BECOME A NON-RESIDENT?-If Justin Trudeau comes into power with his proposed tax hike for upper-income individuals, there will be many more who will!
  • CONSIDERING IMMIGRATION TO CANADA?- Canada is a great country, but taxes can be very high-expert planning and advice can often help!
  • A CANADIAN WHO IS INVOLVED WITH OFFSHORE TRUSTS OR CORPORATIONS HOLDING INVESTMENTS? The rules are extremely tricky and can be punitive-get expert advice!
  • A CANADIAN LOOKING TO ESTABLISH OR EXPAND A BUSINESS OUTSIDE OF CANADA? Skillful planning can allow you to save a bundle in taxes, and you don't have to be Google or Starbucks!
  • A CANADIAN OR AMERICAN INVOLVED IN CROSS-BORDER ACTIVITIES? Special considerations apply, and you need advice from an expert!
  • CURIOUS ABOUT THE USE OF TAX HAVENS OR TAX TREATIES TO AVOID CANADIAN TAXES? There are sometimes ways that this can be done, but you need expert advice!



If so, WHEREVER YOU ARE LOCATED, you should immediately contact Michael Atlas to explore how he can be of assistance to you! Whether in person, or by phone, email, or Skype, he can assist you. He actively uses the INTERNET as a way to reach out to people ALL OVER THE WORLD who can use his help. Since 1991, he has operated a unique independent tax consulting practice in Downtown Toronto. The core of his practice is domestic and international tax consulting services he provides to numerous Canadian accounting and law firms. However, as an adjunct to that core practice, he will also provide direct consulting services to individuals or corporations that have high-level international tax problems.



He is widely considered to be one of the few Canadian tax practitioners, outside of the big accounting and law firms, who is an expert on high-level international tax planning. The overriding objective of his practice is always to combine his creative imagination, highly developed technical skills, and vast knowledge of Canadian tax law to find ways to legally MINIMIZE his clients' tax liability. Over the years, his efforts have saved his clients countless millions of dollars in taxes!


He is especially focused on NON-RESIDENT TAX issues. He is the author of the book "Canadian Taxation of Non-Residents", published by CCH Canadian Ltd., which is generally considered to be the top book on inbound international tax issues in Canada. It is regularly used as a reference by accountants and lawyers all across Canada. Assisting Canadians to LEGALLY AVOID CANADIAN TAXES by becoming non-residents is a particular speciality of his.






E-Mail: matlas@TaxCA.com

Phone (Office): 416.860.9175

Mobile (After-hours): 416.949.7111

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